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We are upon the time of year where many across the globe are celebrating Easter and the Christian resurrection. Whether you celebrate this occasion or not, this is an opportunity to consider what you may want to resurrect. I often hear people talk about things they want to release. Why not think about what you may want to bring back or recover?

Overview of Resurrect

Merriam-Webster defines resurrect as “to bring into view, attention or use again.”  The Free Dictionary online defines resurrect as “to bring into practice, notice or use. To restore to vibrancy.” I love this way of thinking.  What do you want or need to resurrect?

Many ideas get conjured up when I imagine what one might want to bring back to notice or vibrancy. You might want to bring back your healthy habits. This could range from eating better, exercising and sleeping better to praying, meditating and getting massages.

Other areas you may want to resurrect could include having a clear voice or sexual desire or restoring an old, unattended to relationship. It could be anything that you believe fits the definition of resurrect. I encourage you to be creative when you think of what you may want to bring anew!

How Would You Resurrect the Desired Goal?

You need to be clear about what it is you want to resurrect. The awareness of and naming of this area has power in and of itself. The intention itself is good but taking steps that move you toward this desired goal is necessary if you want to experience change.

Let’s say you want to resurrect living at a healthier weight. What are some tasks you would need to do to make this happen? You might get a medical work up to make sure nothing physical is causing your weight gain. Assuming that you don’t have a medical condition contributing to your weight gain, you must design a plan of action.

I recommend starting with areas where you can succeed. For instance, your goal might be to work out four times per week. However, if you are currently not working out at all, then I recommend you make your goal two days a week. You can always do more, but two days a week is a big improvement. You will want to succeed at doing what you say.

This is a problem I often see when someone wants to start something new or bring something back into vision. They are overzealous and work out seven days a week, but by week three, they have gone back to zero per week. Work toward long-term life style changes rather than just immediate gratification.

Another important aspect to achieve your desired goals is accountability. In this case, I recommend that you write down when you exercise as a form of self-accountability. You also want to have an accountability partner. You would check in with him or her on a daily basis. Even better would be to have a work-out partner. It is usually best to ask for support from others, rather than trying to go it alone.

This time of year (and anytime really) is a wonderful opportunity to consider what you want to bring to the forefront again. Consider what gifts, talents and habits may be good for you to reinvest your energy and bring back to life!  It’s up to you! Come alive to your best self. Never settle! Live big!


Take Time To Stop And Relax Now!

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Many of you are busy with numerous responsibilities during the week; the various work demands that most of you experience.  Many of you are working well over forty hours a week.  Then there are the multiple demands of family, children, household responsibilities and the like.  It can seem like all you do is go, go, go.  And sometimes it is easy to get so used to the adrenalin of doing that you can forget how to relax and slow down.

As the weekend arrives I encourage you to allow yourself to have some genuine down time.  Time when your mind is not listing the ten things you need to get done today.  Time when you’re not physically moving about doing the many chores that need to get done.  Time when you slow down your heart rate, breathing and movement.  Time to actually do what is called-relaxing!

I understand that what is relaxing to each of you may be different.  Some enjoy going to the beach, laying out in the sun and reading a book.  Others find gardening relaxing.  Maybe relaxing for you would be simply taking an hour nap in the middle of the day, or sitting and reading a book.  Or maybe you would be willing to treat yourself to a massage, facial, pedicure or acupuncture.

Although the demands of all your responsibilities are still lingering, you will be more refreshed, and I believe better equipped to handle the multiple burdens that life has for you.  When you allow yourself the gift of relaxation, when you prioritize taking time for even a small amount of relaxation on your day or days off you will greatly benefit.

I encourage you to remember that you are important, that you matter and to put yourself on your own priority list.  If you allow yourself the gift of relaxation this will aid you physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally.  You are in charge of making relaxation a part of your weekly ritual.   Decide you are worth taking time to give your body, mind and spirit a well-deserved rest.