Valentines Day Beyond The Traditional

Valentines Heart
Valentines Day can be a joyful, celebratory time for many happy couples. Often it is a time to rejoice about the wonderful relationship you share with your partner. The media has made this a very pronounced day for most. However, this year my hope is that you will have a little different perspective on this day. Enjoy and have a special day or evening with your valentine if you have one. However, remember those who may not have a special someone in their life. Reach out to someone you care about and let them know they are special. Send a valentine card or note to your friends, family, children or anyone else that you appreciate. Reach out to that person who recently lost their loved one or is experiencing difficulty in their relationship.

With the “hype” that goes into this day it can have such a negative effect on those that do not share a loving relationship with a partner. I invite you to alter the meaning of valentine’s to extend to all the ones that touch your life on a daily basis. I encourage each of you to reach out beyond just the traditional notion of Valentines Day and spread the feeling of appreciation to those around you. What a gift it would be to touch someone’s heart on this media promoted day of love. It has been said, “The more you give, the more you get.” Give on!


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