Take Time To Live In The NOW!

What makes being present in the NOW so difficult for many of us? Being still; being quiet; being reflective, are often hard for people to incorporate into their daily lives. The demands of family, work, etc. seem to require so much of our energy and time. And yet, there is evidence that being still, slowing down, breathing, perhaps meditating can be helpful to one’s mental, physical and spiritual health.

This being true, why is it that so many are not taking action to live more in the NOW? It seems it is all too easy to get caught up in the doings, worries and pressures that are so familiar in most of our lives that it is easy to forget what is going on in the NOW; in this moment. What is the good that is occurring in your life in the NOW? In fact, what is actually happening NOW for you? How often are you even aware of the NOW?

If slowing down and being aware of the NOW; the present moment, is difficult for you I invite you to try to become more conscious of making the effort to spend time focusing on the NOW in your life. You could start with taking two-minutes in the morning, two-minutes in the afternoon and two-minutes in the evening when you take time to just stand or sit and do nothing but focus on your breathing, possible slowing your breathing down and become more aware of your body and your surroundings. No judgment of the circumstances, just being still and aware for a couple minutes. After doing this for a week, take notice of what it feels like to stop six-minutes out of your day to just be in the NOW.

It is always a good reminder that none of us can change the past; we can’t control the future; the only moment we have is in the NOW! How curious it is that so many of us have more practice at focusing on the past and the future and often little practice at purposefully being in the NOW.


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