Who Is The Hero In Your Life?

Last night I watched a very powerful and moving movie called “The Butler”. Along with many feelings and thoughts this movie conjured within me it brought to mind how many courageous people it has taken to create change in our world. It is a wonder what makes these individuals so willing to sacrifice everything for what they believe is fair and just. Whether it is innate personality characteristics or environmental factors or both that motivates these amazing people, I don’t know. I do know that these individuals will be remembered forever.

While certainly the thought of great people that have changed the world may bring you to think about Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, Rosa Parks, Amelia Earhart and the many others. However, I am thinking about different individuals who may have been that powerful to each of us in our lives. Who has it been for you that you believe has made a significant impact in your life. Who has been there for you; sacrificed for you; took a stand for you? Who are your heroes’ in your life? Great people of the world are not only the ones known at a global level. There are many, many individuals who have effected change in each of our lives. They may not be nationally recognized, yet there impact is unforgettable.

And what about you? How are you having positive impact in someone’s life or in this world? We each have many opportunities to do this throughout our lifetime. Whether you are an activist for a cause that is close to your heart, or a grandmother that is raising your grandchild; both are noble endeavors. Being a hero in someone’s life or in the world can be done on small or grand levels. How are you being a hero in your world? Sometimes you may not even realize the impact you are having in someone’s life. As I conclude, I hope you will claim the truth that you have a hero within you!

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