What Are Your Personal Gifts?

For many of us this time of the year is a time of gift giving and all that entails. And this thought about gifts brings to my mind the concept of taking time to identify and claim our own personal gifts. Possible this is something you have already done and are aware of and you can name these gifts and are already utilizing your gifts.

However, I am cognizant that for some of you it is difficult for you to acknowledge your own good and your many talents and gifts. So I implore you this holiday to allow this to be the gift you give yourself: taking time to time to identify some of your unique personal gifts.

Personal gifts fall on a broad spectrum. Possibly one of your gifts is that you are very creative or crafty. I have many personal friends who are so creative with just about anything. They can turn a box top or old can into a fantastic gift. Your personal gift may be that you are very welcoming and attentive to others. Maybe you are an exceptional hostess. Or perhaps you are very intelligence. Or maybe you are good at fixing just about anything.

The range of personal gifts is so broad that I cannot name them all here. I will tell you that personal gifts are not always tangible like the creative or mechanically gifted. Many personal gifts are ones we cannot see or touch; like one who is very intuitive.

So for instance, I believe that one of my personal gifts is that I am extremely social; I am a strong people person. And when I don’t use that gift it adversely affects me. My mood and energy is better when I am actively engaging in my personal gift. This gift is something I was born with and needs to be honored.

I want you to think about personal gifts as more than just what you can do; but more of who you are. I hope you will take time to name some of your personal gifts. And as you do this notice how you feel as you name them. And as you name them I invite you to claim these as authentically yours. I encourage you to examine yourself and ask yourself “How often am I using my personal gifts?” The more you engage on daily basis with your personal gifts the happier you will be.

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