Honoring Those Who Have Given So Much!

As veteran’s Day is once again upon us I am reminded of the meaning of this day as one of remembering all the men and women who have served our country. Many have been injured or killed in combat. I hope we take this day of remembrance seriously. In the days of past men were not given a choice about service in the military and many mad huge sacrifices, some giving their lives in the service of our country.

And to the men and women of today who make a choice to serve in the armed forces what an amazing commitment and an immense amount of courage it takes to make that choice. And I personally want to thank you for your bravery; for taking such a risk, to living often in the unknown. And I am certainly thankful to all of you who have served in active duty and returned fully intact without sustaining any serious injuries. And my prayers and hopes go out to those who have suffered in tremendous ways that most of us cannot understand. I am thankful to the people who are there for you to encourage you and help you in your new life and I pray these people continue to be a source of support to you and that you receive many blessings
for the sacrifices for you made.

My heart goes out to the men and women who have lost their lives servicing our country. And I extend a thank you to the surviving family and friends of these brave souls. I hope and pray that you are continuing to receive support and that you’re holding the memory of your loved one vividly and able to share these memories with many, because I know he or she is still alive in your heart.

And in closing these thoughts about Veterans Day I want to remind all that there are many who come back from service with no physical injuries that look alive and well yet are suffering in ways one cannot imagine. These individuals suffer from PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder). These individual’s may appear unharmed on the outside, but they suffer greatly on a daily basis. For some, just staying alive and choosing to live each day requires all their energy. Occasionally functioning with the memories they have seems too much.

My hope and prayers are extended to those suffering from PTSD that they too will get their needs met. I hope that as a society we can learn more about PTSD and learn to respect how debilitating it can be. The men and women who suffer from PTSD need to be acknowledged for the very real injury they suffer. I pray that we as a community and the system that is providing treatment to these individuals continue to find creative ways to assist these sufferings veterans.


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