Friendships That Help You Grow

Friendships are one of the priceless gifts that life grants us. For those of you who are fortunate enough to have a handful of good friends, you are truly blessed. A good friend is meant to bolster you; to encourage you to be your best self. A true friend is not intimated by your grand nature. I true friend only wishes for and strives for your best. A genuine friend sees your short comings and encourages you through them instead of just being critical. That friend knows your good intentions and lovingly helps you to grow. Your life is better for having this person in it.

With a good friend you work through difficult times together; not abandoning the other because times are tough. A true friend is one of the anchors in life that helps you to claim yourself in this universe. If you have several friends like this thank them today. If your friendships don’t give you this then maybe you need to consider that person as more of an acquaintance rather than someone to really bear your soul to. Being the active director of your life requires that you be able to judge which friendships encourage you and which are more of a burden. I encourage you to be picky about the ones in your life you call “friend.” I have always said that your friendships ‘mirror’ you! What do your friendships say about you?

Moreover, what kind of friend are you? Do you display these qualities to the ones you call “friend?” Receiving this support merits giving this support. Be this gift to another. There are plenty of people and places that one can find judgment. Your close friends need your acceptance and encouragement more than anything. Practice being a positive influence in your close friend’s lives. Be the friend you want them to be. Practice patience, warmth and encouragement. In the end you will not only be a blessing to that friend but will find that you are receiving as much from being this friends as you do from having this kind of friend.