Do You Have Any Regrets?

This week I will be shifting from writing about guilt to addressing the topic of regrets. Regrets are very similar to guilt however I see regret as more of a type of loss. I regret something I didn’t do or that I wish I would have done. For example, I might regret not going to my cousin’s wedding. I regret that I never visited my Aunt before she died or I regret that I didn’t provide my kids with more of a religious upbringing. So it doesn’t have the same flair as guilt. I think regret is more of a feeling of loss; a type of reflection.

I understand now how being aware of regrets is a natural process in the later stages of development as one is looking back over their life and evaluating. And so it is useful to be proactive in your choices on a daily basis so that you have less feelings of regret as you approach the later years in life.

And as with any type of loss, regret being one form, it is important to address the feelings the loss brings to you. My encouragement with any sense of regret you may have is to examine the regret in a very honest, productive fashion. If one of your regrets is something that you feel strongly about I find the best way to heal is to have compassion with yourself. A way of having compassion with yourself is to have an understanding of what was going on in your life at that time so that you better understand the choices you did make. Instead of lingering in the feeling of regret have some compassion as to your circumstances at the time and wrap the feeling of regret up in that understanding.

Also, begin to shift your focus onto the now. The positive things in the now that you are doing. The productive actions and choices you are making today. Live more in the moment. Choose to be more of the person you want to me today. Stay mindful of your purpose and your values and let them direct your life. No need to create any new regrets!



  1. You are great. Love the regret/guilt blog. Thanks Cindy K

    • Thanks Cindy! Glad you are enjoying them. I love doing them each week!

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