Who Am I? Is There Any Hope?

Who am I? What do I want? What is my purpose? Wow, these are some big questions. However, if you don’t start asking them, how will you get where you want to be? How can you become the active director of your life if you don’t start asking these questions? Would you prefer to just be reactive in life, allowing life to control you? Or do you want to play a more active role? Asking yourself who you are in order to learn about yourself is essential. How can you create what you want if you do not know what you are building upon?
Your purpose is distinctive to you. Each one of us is created uniquely with special gifts and talents. There is no one quite like you. Your purpose and what will help you feel most fulfilled is distinctively yours, so you have your own individual script for your life. Isn’t that exciting!
Your purpose is your why. Each person’s why is different. You don’t have to be just like this person or that person. You just need to learn more about your own creative self and start blooming.
Learning about yourself is extremely important because everything in your life starts with you. You are the beginning of your journey. Wherever you are on that journey, you can still make changes. If you’re fifty and feel there is no hope, you’re wrong. There is always hope. Better to improve how you feel now even if you can’t change the past.
Is it true that anyone can change his or her life? Absolutely yes! The sure way to fail is to not even try. No matter how many failed relationships you have had or how many times you have been let down in one way or another, you can take back the power in your life.
I have worked with clients with many, many different stores: some with severe trauma in their histories, some with fairly good home lives growing up. There is no limit as to who can change and grow. Each person’s journey is different, and the various blocks that have gotten in your way are specific to you and the many experiences that have occurred in your history. A lot of us have let the negative aspects of our history dictate our present. Well, no more. It is time to take charge and stop the negative beliefs and feelings that get in our way.


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