Try Acceptance For A Week!

Today I have been thinking about the concept of acceptance. The thought of us as a community, as a people, as humans becoming more conscious of being more accepting of both self and others. I do a lot of work with clients on the aspect of being more self-accepting and it is often very sad as I observe how so many people I know both personally and professionally are their own worst critic. And from my view point usually that critic voice is learned very young. So I understand that it is often hard to be accepting of others when we have such a hard time accepting ourselves.

From my experience there is plenty of judgment in the world. Imagine what it might be like if each of us could practice being a little more accepting; accepting of people who are different from us. Maybe the person looks different from us, comes from different background or possible believes differently than us, whether it be religiously or politically. Imagine what it might be like if we practiced learning how to be more accepting of people who are dissimilar from us.

I wonder what makes it hard for so many to accept that others may feel strongly in an opposite direction of what one believes. And wouldn’t it be something if we could allow that person to have their belief even if it is starkly different from our own. I wonder how we would feel inside if we were to practice being more accepting of others. It seems to me that being judgmental appears to be easier for most. Finding the differences between ourselves and others seems to be easier than noticing the similarities. Being defensive with another who believes or feels differently than us seems to be much more instinctual. And I believe being defensive is based on instinct, however, I also believe that each of us can learn to respond non-defensively.

There really is plenty of judgment in the world. I don’t think you have to worry about not being judged, because judgment is just outside your door. And wouldn’t it be nice if each of us felt more accepted amongst our peer group and in general. My encouragement today, this Monday, is to think over your circumstances currently, to be more mindful of your actions with others. To become aware of ways you can practice being more accepting of people who may be different than you in one way shape or form. To be mindful of keeping your opinion to yourself and just allowing the other person to be, without trying to change their viewpoint or trying to convince him or her to feel differently. I encourage you to practice this during the week even though it may be hard. Then, observe what it feels like to be more accepting. Try out this concept of being accepting. I have a sneaky suspicion that not only will it benefit the other, but that it will benefit you too.


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